The Last Jedi

We had our annual cousin Star Wars night this evening. Every year for the last few years my cousin and her family have given me and the kids tickets as our Christmas present and we all go together to IMAX. Our almost adult boys have been playing, enjoying, and loving Star Wars since they were in diapers.

I won’t spoil it, but I thought it was a really funny movie.

The take away line for me was this:

I’ve been working in that direction but it’s time to eradicate the evil force from our lives.

Cousin time. Star Wars time. Happiness time.


Rogue One

My Christmas present from a cousin and her family was an IMAX showing of Rogue One. These Star Wars movies have almost become an annual tradition and I love it!

Our boys have grown up on the movies and know every one by heart. The adults are all pretty big fans too so it makes it a really fun night. 

We have reached the point in our Christmas vacation where we no longer know what day it is or what we are supposed to be doing and it’s divine. In fact, it is happiness just getting well rested and relaxed. Add to that a family fun night at the movies and I have a pretty wonderful happiness moment for today. 


Imperial March

We have a new security gate at the entrance of our property. It has taken some getting used to as we can’t fly at top speed in and out anymore (this isn’t necessarily a bad thing). 

My cousin asked the other day how we were adjusting and I said it wasn’t bad. Yesterday I realized it’s not bad because I get to the gate and imagine I’m the queen entering or exiting the palace. I hum the royal march as I go through. 

But today I was telling Jacob about that and said sometimes it turns into the imperial march   And we looked at each other and started giggling. I downloaded the song on Spotify and we blared it as we drove through the gates 

It was the best thing ever. We laughed so hard – spontaneous happiness moment. Awesome. 


We remember and we celebrate 

The day began with a very thoughtful happiness moment. Even in my most tree hugging, pacifist loving, free spirited moments of life I have always realized I have the freedom to choose those beliefs because of the men and women who sacrificed everything so that we could live in this amazing country. 

I took the kids to a Remembrance Day ceremony in Cochrane this morning. They have always been very powerful for me and it felt good to share that with the kids.  I love our country so much and I am so grateful that we are back home in Canada. 

This evening we celebrated my brother in law’s birthday. Because he’s so much fun and a great sport, he totally made Jacob’s evening by dressing up in his gift – a matching chewbacca onesie. What a pair they were running around the house roaring. We laughed so hard tonight – this is such a big part of why I’m so grateful I have the family that I do. This close knit tribe of people is something to be treasured and celebrated. Happy, happy, happiness. 



Often the best happiness moments happen spontaneously- this was definitely the case this evening. 

The boy and I were in the city doing some errands and found ourselves walking through Chinook Mall. We were laughing at all the ugly Christmas sweaters that have started to make their appearance in the store windows. 

Things were brought to a whole new level though when we saw the Chewbacca onesie hanging on the rack at Bluenotes. Things got even more real when we discovered everything in the store was 40% off. 

Because EVERYONE needs to have one of these. 

And not just the awesome onesie – but a person in their life like this kid of mine. He makes me laugh so hard I can barely breathe. 

Happy Chewy happiness moment. 



I’ve been noticing lately how incredibly tired I am. It’s like the long, drawn out tired that has been sitting inside my soul for years as I’ve struggled to get to this place – safe, happy, home. Now that I don’t have to struggle anymore I’ve discovered how completely exhausted I am. Those burdens aren’t as heavy, but I haven’t bounced back to where I was before either. I’m in a recharge process and I have to remember that.

Today was spent reorganizing the house a little bit. The season has changed, it was dark when we left for school this morning, the winter gear needed to be brought out. I’m thankful that I have the time to focus on building the safest, happiest home I can for my family. I’m grateful that I can be reminded of how to use my energy and how to recharge myself so I have enough to give.

It was a quiet happiness moment as I pulled out the winter things and hung them on the walls. I decided that come November 1 this year I am putting Christmas all over the house. We will celebrate the love and joy in this family! Plus, I have these really cool Yoda lights and I can’t wait to hang them.


The force awakens…finally 

I have finally joined the cool kids club. Today we  watched the new Star Wars movie at the Imax theatre. 

I love Hans Solo, now I kind of want to watch old Indiana Jones movies as well (so perhaps it’s Harrison Ford I love). 

It was a great happiness moment to share a movie from a series that played a huge role in my childhood with my cousin, as well as to share it with our kids who are perhaps the world’s greatest Star Wars fans. 


The new year, 2016

I have been doing a lot of reflecting and had planned to do a post about all the changes that happened in 2015, and how I feel now heading into a new year. It really is a great time for a new beginning and a new and happier life.

However, the last 24 hours have been full of fun, laughter, sledding, visits, and eating. With very little time left over for sleeping – so forget about writing. 

So I will just do my happiness moment for today and reflect later. Today it was driving the girls on their sleds while the boys stood in the snow and played with their light savers after having seek Star Wars for the second time. 

Also, my cousin made Grandma’s Christmas sauce and I pigged out on it on top of some panettone. It was so delicious and so full of childhood memories. 

I love this time of the year when we all make more time to visit and enjoy each other. 


The Force awakens 

Today’s happiness moment was easy. It was the moment I saw the look on the faces of my kid and my nephew as they ran out of the theatre after seeing the new Star Wars movie. 

These two have shared their love of these movies since they were in diapers. How wonderful that they now live close enough that they can share this again. 

As a quiet personal happiness moment I spent the time sitting in Starbucks at Indigo sipping tea and reading a book. Melissa bliss. 


Feel the Force 

My happiness moment today was the look on Jacob’s face when we showed him the Yoda Santa Christmas lights that we had to get for him. 

I love it when something so simple can make someone so happy. 

Saturday will be a very exciting day in our house. Normally it would be regular excitement about the beginning of Christmas break, this time it’s all about going to see the new Star Wars movie with his cousin. 

Truly wonderful the mind of a child is (Master Yoda)