Yoga and Yoda

We enjoyed a quiet Sunday – the family back together – on the last day of spring break that feels more like winter vacation. I can’t believe how much snow we have here.

I decided to get back to yoga. I’ve been working at relaxing my mind, but I need yoga to relax my body. And I haven’t been faithful about my yoga practice for a few years now. I think it’s the missing piece to healing my shoulder completely and to getting my strength back

My friend sent me this YouTube video

It has kept me in stitches all afternoon. Yoga and Yoda, complete relaxation. Family back together, complete happiness.



I’ve been noticing lately how incredibly tired I am. It’s like the long, drawn out tired that has been sitting inside my soul for years as I’ve struggled to get to this place – safe, happy, home. Now that I don’t have to struggle anymore I’ve discovered how completely exhausted I am. Those burdens aren’t as heavy, but I haven’t bounced back to where I was before either. I’m in a recharge process and I have to remember that.

Today was spent reorganizing the house a little bit. The season has changed, it was dark when we left for school this morning, the winter gear needed to be brought out. I’m thankful that I have the time to focus on building the safest, happiest home I can for my family. I’m grateful that I can be reminded of how to use my energy and how to recharge myself so I have enough to give.

It was a quiet happiness moment as I pulled out the winter things and hung them on the walls. I decided that come November 1 this year I am putting Christmas all over the house. We will celebrate the love and joy in this family! Plus, I have these really cool Yoda lights and I can’t wait to hang them.


Feel the Force 

My happiness moment today was the look on Jacob’s face when we showed him the Yoda Santa Christmas lights that we had to get for him. 

I love it when something so simple can make someone so happy. 

Saturday will be a very exciting day in our house. Normally it would be regular excitement about the beginning of Christmas break, this time it’s all about going to see the new Star Wars movie with his cousin. 

Truly wonderful the mind of a child is (Master Yoda)


There is no Try

Do. Or do not. There is no try.” The Empire Strikes Back

I was a kid when the first series of Star Wars movies came out. I loved going to see them in the theatre and thought Yoda was a weirdly cute little green man who spoke in a funny manner. It wasn’t until my son fell into the Star Wars culture that I really stopped and listened to what that weird little green man was saying. Who knew that he was so full of wisdom?

Perhaps one of his best remembered quotes is the one above “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

I came across something very similar to this in one of my morning readings the other day. It told the story of a man who was explaining to someone else how futile it was to say that she would “try” to improve the relationship she had with a family member. To show what he was talking about he picked up a pen and dropped it on the floor. Then he leaned down and started batting away at the pen with his fingers. He began saying “I’m trying to pick up the pen. I’ll just keep trying“. After fumbling around for a while, he finally reached over and grabbed it with his fingers and picked it up.

Do. Or do not. There is no try.

It got me to thinking about all the things I try and do. I’ll try and lose weight. I’ll try to be patient with the kids. I’ll try to be a better friend. I’ll try to get around to cleaning the house (ha! at least that one I know is a feeble try when I say it). I’ll try to be on time. I’ll try to work harder on my coursework. I’ll try to write more.

Do. Or do not. There is no try.

It’s totally true, if I simply said I was going to do something then I would do it. I will be patient with you, no matter what, I will take deep breaths, be present in the moment, accept that not everything will go my way. I will be patient. I will be on time, I will leave early, I will be organized so that I am not running at the last minute. I will be on time. I will work harder on my course work. I will set aside certain hours during the day that are just dedicated to working, it is a priority and something I want to do. I will put in more hours. I will work harder on my course work.

There is no try.

I think I’ve tried to do a lot of things in my life. Knowing what my limitations are (I’m not going to turn invisible or be able to fly realistically in this lifetime) I have to keep focused on what it is I want to do. Then set my intention on doing. Because there is no try.