His first day

The boy had a surprise early start to his job and began today. He’s so excited and so proud of himself, I love watching him glow with joy. He loves the place, loves the food, and seems to really like his boss – it looks like it is a great work environment, what a fantastic way to start off in the work force.

I am so happy for him, it was great to hear the stories on the ride home about things that happened during his shift. This is happiness.


He chose me

Today was a pretty special day as far as days go. I mean it’s Friday so right away it’s a little bit better just because of that. But, what made it even more fantastic was the fact that my 14 year old asked me to go to a movie with him. Like, he had the option to go with friends and still wanted to go with me. He said we hardly ever get any time together that’s just us and he wanted to do something special. 

It was a great happiness moment sitting in the theatre belly laughing with my kid. As an added bonus, I used my Scene points and we got to go for free. Life is pretty good. 



Because I do yoga 

I love almost everything about yoga. I love how it makes me feel, I love how it stretches my body, I love the spiritual connection it brings me. About the only thing I don’t love about yoga is the fact that I’m really bad at it. Which is also one of the things I kind of like about it (but not all the time, a lot of the time I just wish I was super bendy and twisty and that the asanas came easily to me).

I grew up doing competitive sports, and usually I was pretty good at them. Competition is fierce in our family – family game night is not for the faint of heart. While I like to win, part of me enjoys the mellowness of yoga and just being in my body and compassionately allowing it to be how it is for the day. Well, except for when I get pissed off that after all this time I still can’t do the poses the way that I want to.

This evening I was walking from the parking lot towards a store with Jacob and I missed the fact that there was a curb up to the sidewalk. I tripped on it and as Jacob said flailed around like a dying goose about to hit the ground. I had arms going every which way and my head almost hit the ground not once, but twice. I felt a little bit like this guy, but without being quite as cool:



And of course because it was a Friday night in December the parking lot was full,  so lots of people got to see me in all my glory.

Jacob stood there and laughed and laughed at me. He laughed so hard that the mom who was ahead of us with her teenage son turned around to make sure I was ok and to give him a little bit of a mom glare. He looked at her, and then looked at me, and said Oh come on mom, if that had been me you would have laughed just as hard. And of course he was right, I would have. Actually even just thinking about how funny he would have looked is enough to make me laugh. So, fair enough…

As we were walking into the store he looked at me and said I honestly can’t believe you didn’t face plant right into the sidewalk mom. I have no idea how you managed to get back up. To which I responded (without thinking about it) it’s because I do yoga. And I was totally right. The fact that I do practice yoga almost daily is the reason why I was able to regain my balance. I may not be good or flexible, but yoga brings a lot of balance into my life. Balance that I can see, and balance that is invisible, but that I can feel. Like the fact that I’m not filled with anxiety, or that I feel like I’m getting grounded again, and that I’m deepening my spiritual relationship.

That was a funny moment and a happiness moment all wrapped up in one.

I had a beautiful happiness moment this morning with the kids as we were heading out the door for school. It was pretty dark, but very clear this morning. We stood for a few minutes and admired the barn silhouetted by the dawn light. I love it here, it’s good for my heart to be in a place that brings me joy and contentment.