S’mores in the rain

All day long we talked about cooking dinner over our fire pit and finishing with s’mores, so when it was raining at supper time we decided we needed to just do it anyway.

Fortunately it was only sprinkling, because there is something magical about eating over a fire.

It’s these little moments that make up the big memories


He chose me

Today was a pretty special day as far as days go. I mean it’s Friday so right away it’s a little bit better just because of that. But, what made it even more fantastic was the fact that my 14 year old asked me to go to a movie with him. Like, he had the option to go with friends and still wanted to go with me. He said we hardly ever get any time together that’s just us and he wanted to do something special. 

It was a great happiness moment sitting in the theatre belly laughing with my kid. As an added bonus, I used my Scene points and we got to go for free. Life is pretty good. 



Lazy long weekend

Today was a wonderful lazy, hot, sunny day that didn’t really even get started until noon. We all went into town and did fun lazy day things – the farmer’s market, games at Ranche days, eating gelato… It was a tough afternoon. 

My happiness moment was when we came home from this relaxing afternoon and I had to make supper from our seasonal and local purchases. 

Heirloom tomatoes, basil (from my garden), green onions and buffalo mozzarella. The tomatoes and onions were from the market and the mozzarella from a glorious local cheese shop. 

Happiness meal. Nourishing inside and out. 

I’m aware every day how the more I’m actively seeking happiness in my life the more I’m attracting it. I’m grateful to the core of my being for this. 


Just another day in paradise. 

We have been away from home long enough that I don’t believe I will ever take for granted how wonderful it is to be back here. Every once in a while though something happens that serves as a good reminder as to the blessings we have. 

This afternoon I headed to the Petro Canada to get batteries for our raft pump so we could go to the creek. Because it’s Friday and a long weekend, the line up to the gas station was all the way back out to the highway. So many people heading to the mountains for the weekend. Fortunate and blessed people in their own way. But all I needed to do was grab some batteries, go home, and head down the hill and we were instantly on vacation. 

I love this spot. We have swam and skated this creek with Dad all our lives. I’ve spent hundreds of hours riding Pirate through the fields in younger days. It’s a very healing place. A difficult place sometimes this year, but even so a healihg place. A place I’ve needed to be. 

The kids started out on their rafts and were looking around for someone to pull them upstream and flip them. Dad’s thing to do with the kids. In the amazing way children  have of being in the present moment, they figured out a way to take turns flipping each other off. Not the same as it was – a new normal. Since that is what life is about right now it was a good lesson. Learning to love and live in the new normal. 

Dad loved this place so much I know he is looking down on us and happy that we are moving on, finding happiness, living life. Missing him terribly, but living in this new normal. 

It was Dottie’s first time seeing me on the raft. At first it caused her concern, then she decided she had better join me to keep me safe. 

   My loving dog actually climbed right up, stood on me and then shook her stinky, wet dot hair all over soaking me in the process. I love her. 
A happiness moment that lasted all afternoon. Lazy days at the creek. Deep gratitude for this day. We live in abundance.