Breathe inĀ 

I felt kind of off my game today.  I had some heart decisions to make – which I did by honouring my intuition. Oh that heart does want what it wants. 

I also hadn’t slept well last night because I was feeling badly for one of the kitties who was feeling uncomfortable. No sleep is all it takes to make me realize how depleted I still am. 

But now I am armed with my knowledge of Ayurveda and I know how to guide myself back into balance. 

My happiness moment came today as I breathed deeply on my evening walk. I could feel some of the yuck wash away and be replaced by gratitude. 


Happiness all aroundĀ 

Coming home with joy in my soul after spending the evening last night with some of my favorite people, we all started the day off with a lot more peace.

This morning Jenna headed off to a much anticipated sleepover at a friend’s house. She’s got a good bunch of girlfriends at this school and it thrills me to see them starting to do things outside of school together.

I headed to town and made an attempt at having a personal life and went out on a date. A lovely afternoon spent with someone kind, smart, funny, and cute (with a. charming accent to boot).

Now Jacob and I are sitting at the movies waiting to see a show together. Thank goodness for those Scene points – we have enjoyed a lot of free shows because of my card.

How lovely to have a day filled with more happy moments than sad. Naturally there are always things that come up, and Jacob was upset this morning, but he’s developed a strong sense of himself. I love the young man he’s turned into and am so grateful to have him in my life.

What you put out comes back to you and I’m glad to see the good stuff coming our way.