Reality break 

We are back home from our little reality break. It was so good to just leave all our stresses behind us and recharge for a couple of days. It’s the first real break the kids and I have taken since an overnight stay in Waterton in the summer of 2014. So much has happened since then, we needed some time that was just for fun. 

We have the added bonus of some new members in our tribe with whom we shared some of our getaway time. It’s fun watching relationships deepen, and an interesting bonus to see that bring about some  wounds healing.

I felt happiness the entire weekend, but I had an insightful moment wrapped up inside that joy today. Jacob and I were talking about watching a funny video and I said I wanted to watch it with him because it’s always so much better to laugh with someone. One of the littles jumped into the conversation with: that’s true it’s always so much better to laugh with two people.  In fact, one time I laughed with three people and that was the best laugh I’ve ever had. So true. We need people to laugh with. It’s why we need our tribe. 

As we were getting into bed tonight Jacob asked so when is our next staycation? I will assume that means this weekend was a hit. 


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