Ball isn’t for princesses and unicorns 

The girl had a ball practice this afternoon. After a pretty cold and wet day the sun came out just in time and it was perfect weather. 

The boy came and helped out which was a blessing for a couple of reasons – the other moms were so impressed that he was there helping out, a couple of them commented that they had noticed what a good kid he is; and also that my boy got to spend some really qulaity time with some men doing “guy stuff”. Those dads just included him like one of the guys and I could see him standing a little taller because of it. 
On one of the pitches the coach yelled at a girl come on, swing harder – ball isn’t for princesses and unicorns. 

One of the moms and I started laughing and she said any princess who can tame a unicorn is badass enough to play ball

The whole afternoon was happiness. The kids are happy, we are safe, I love to see them thrive. 


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