That’s gratitude 

Today I took a good look at the helmet I was wearing when I fell off my horse earlier this week. 

I had been amazed at how thoroughly I had shattered my shoulder yet not damaged any other part of my body – especially my head which had landed inches away from that shoulder. 

My helmet has a huge crack in it. I broke it when I fell. If I hadn’t been wearing my helmet, I would have shattered my head. 

It’s the same feeling I had years ago when I was in a bad accident and knew I only survived because I had my seatbelt on. 

I am alive because I had on my helmet. I’ve always complained about wearing one, but swore to myself I’d do it every time when I got my new horse. And I have – every single time. 

What if I hadn’t? 

It’s a different kind of happiness than what I usually write about – but it’s happiness in a very pure form. I love this life and I’m grateful for it. 

This was a pre fall photo 


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