Broken things 

I had a coaching call today and I talked about how my broken arm had lead to some big personal changes. There has been a chance the last couple of months for me to heal some areas of my life that I had been too busy to stop and pay attention to. I was forced into this quietness, and it allowed me to reflect on the things I had been ignoring.

We talk about being broken like it’s a bad thing. But sometimes you need to be broken to stop resisting and submit and allow space for good things to grow. It would be great if I could learn lessons the easy way, but usually I have to be taken down the difficult path and really learn the grit of the lesson so it sticks.

I am loving this course. It’s helping me, and in turn I will be able to help others shine their lights more brightly. Happiness.


2 thoughts on “Broken things 

  1. I’ve read somewhere, unfotunately I don’t remember the exact words but it was something like: “if you feel pain, don’t be in a hurry to take painkillers. Stop and listen to your body otherwise you tell it to Shut up… BUT your body wants to tell you something, so be quiet and listen!” After reading your post it reminded me how cautious we should be because somebody or something is trying to give us a message. Smiles & hugs

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