Mommy that boy made me better 

We are sitting at the children’s hospital waiting for the doctor to have a look at my daughter. We were at our family doctor and based on the symptoms she was worried about appendicitis- so here we are… waiting. 

A little boy about 4 has been happily playing next to us when suddenly he got a big bloody nose and his dad rushed him to the bathroom. 

My son grabbed my lavender oil in my dōTERRA keychain and ran after them. He showed them how to put the oil over the bridge of the nose and sure enough – the nosebleed went away. 

A few minutes later the boy came running out to his mom yelling mommy, mommy that boy there… he came and gave me some drops of some good smelling stuff on my nose. And it made me all better!! My nosebleed is all gone!!!

And now he’s dancing around again happy as can be. 

I am so happy that I had the knowledge and the oil to share with him. The parents were really impressed and grateful and the boy thinks my boy is magical!! Happiness. 


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