We are both moms

I spent a big chunk of the day with the girl getting some tests done to make sure nothing inside her was about to explode. The technician at the lab we were at was awesome. She was so patient and kind and understood that my girl was a little anxious and still feeling really crappy. She had Moana playing on her tv and explained what was going to happen and how it would feel (it was an ultrasound – so no big deal unless you’ve never had one).

We actually had to stop the test and have her drink more to get a proper reading (that girl is a camel). What amazed me the entire time was how patient, thorough, and kind this lady was. She not only wanted to make sure she got all the images she needed, but she really wanted to make sure the girl was comfortable and understood what was going on.

At the end as we were leaving I thanked her for being so kind and thorough, and she replied with we are both moms. I totally get how you feel, if she was my daughter I’d want someone to care for them the way I would for my own. Kindness, it’s always the best choice. It’s happiness.


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