Helping Hands

I screwed something up a couple of weeks ago – not just a small screw up but a rather royal one. I’ve been needing to fix it, which will be hours of work, but life took me in another direction.

This morning I had an email from a lady I know but don’t know well and she offered to take my mistake and fix it for me. When I went to her place to hand her my things I found out she hadn’t even realized mom had passed away. She just knew I was under a lot of stress and reached out to help me.

The kindness of others is so amazing and powerful. I feel so blessed. Honestly, I have been really struggling with this blog the last few days. I don’t want to find the happiness in a moment right now. I want to be mad at God and feel sorry for myself. But things like what happened today remind me that there really are moments of happiness everywhere, and that God always gives me what I need when I need it.


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