The presence of fear

The presence of fear is a sure sign you are trusting in your own strength

I can always tell when I’m living a fear based life because that’s when things start falling apart. As soon as I think I am in control, as soon as I think I can only depend on myself (or worse, someone else) shit hits the fan.

When I can turn it over to God, connect to my Source, trust in the power of the universe, then suddenly things fall into place. Maybe not in the way I would have liked, but in the long run it always turns out even better than I could have imagined.

I’m sitting on a plane getting ready to return to my regular life after a wonderful escape weekend with a good friend. I needed this time to rebalance myself and catch my breath. And now I have to figure out how I’m going to face the reality that my life has changed forever. Even though I thought in many ways that I’ve been preparing for mom’s death for years – it still kicked me in the gut and felt like it all happened so fast.

When I got to my seat I turned on my kindle and started a new book – The Universe Has Your Back – and one of the first things I read was this:

I know this is true. I have had huge miracles happen in my life because I chose love instead of fear. Love and trusting in my faith saved my life and got us out of a dangerous situation, it got me home, it got me Drishti, it reconnected me to my family and friends.

The presence of love will always cast out fear.

I watched this happen with Mom just two weeks ago. I saw her give it up to God, I sat with her as she came to a place of peace. The very last thing she said to me and to my kids was I love you.

The power of love is always going to be stronger than the power of fear.

I know there are changes I have to make in my life, but this is the first one and the most important of all of them.

Always choose love. Always.


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