Celebrate Every Child

About a year and a half ago I had this moment of Divine Inspiration. I wanted to start up a program that would give a birthday party to a child who, because of family or life circumstances, wouldn’t normally be able to have one. My idea was that every child deserves to be celebrated – and even if it was just one day of the year that they were reminded how special they are – that could possibly be a life changing gift.

This idea spoke to my heart in part because of some of the kids I taught who weren’t celebrated anywhere at any time. If ever a big deal was made out of them you could see their eyes light up and their souls smile. It’s important that kids feel like they’re important and that it’s worth celebrating their existence. The other reason had to do with our journey back home. If my family hadn’t held us and helped us and loved us, we would have been completely destitute when Mr. X closed our bank account and wished me and the kids well. Not everyone is so fortunate to have a tribe step in and I feel it’s my duty to pay that forward.

I had volunteers and our church backing me, so much support was in place, and then my life kind of crapped itself. But now I’ve realized I’m back in a position to give again. So, I met with a friend today (who was the lady that took my idea to the powers that be and got me the backing I needed) and she told me whenever I’m ready to go that they are too.

Before that I had the most uplifting chat with a healer-friend. It’s amazing how when we shine our lights, light shines back.

The interesting thing about not running from the pain and fear (which is what I want to do), is that I feel the love even more strongly.


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