Skipping Assembly, New Shoes, School Stress (FGK 33)

I was quite a ways into this letter before I realized who it was from. Before I throw my aunt too far under the bus, I’d like to say that compared to some of the teenage naughty school behaviour, hers is really pretty innocent. For example, the year my parents made me go to boarding school on Vancouver Island they had a Terry Fox Run and I think we had to go at least 10k. We were to run up the Malahat (seems super safe right?) turn around, and come back. I was with a group of kids who thought it was total BS and had no desire to run. We made it to the turn around spot and spent the entire time back to the school trying to hitch a ride. Fortunately no one actually stopped to pick us up or goodness knows where we’d be now! I never told my parents that story, so if there are sudden rumbles of thunder and lightening tearing across the sky today, it’s just them reading my blog in heaven!!

I miss my aunt a lot, reading these letters reminds me of how when I was younger and went away to both the boarding school and University of Lethbridge she consistently sent me letters to remind me I was loved. The letters I received were not nearly as hilarious as the ones she sent mom, but I suppose then she was an adult, I would send much different letters to my niece than to my sister. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for her because of that, and reading these letters to mom is like reading a letter she would have sent to a good friend of hers. It makes my heart smile. This is also the closest I have ever heard her use “bad” language. It’s nothing like my “bad” language, but that’s like comparing apples to pineapples.

Assembly period Tues

Dear Marg

I have just gotten into trouble I think. Five of us girls, Sheila Stephen, Evelyn Heinrich, Rita Holms, Pat Mrstik(?), and myself were sneaking up the stairs with the intentions of skipping assembly, and guess who was talking on the phone at the top of the stairs, that’s right Mrs Stevie. We kept right on going. Wonder what’s going to happen.

Yesterday Barbara and I went into the library to study during assembly and guess who walked in but mr Schula. He never said anything.


Well Mrs Stevie hasn’t said anything yet. I was just in her room buying stamps and it wasn’t mentioned.

I bought a pair of shoes today, black suede shoes. They haven’t got the toe out so I hope Marsh is satisfied.

Two of the girls from the college ran for the Teen Queen for Calgary. There as one from every high school. Anyways, one of the girls that lives in the dorm (Irene Stowell) won and the other girl from MRC got second, so we feel pretty happy. Irene got a real Hudson Bay coat and then tomorrow she’s going to Edmonton to compete against Queens from all over the Province.

I saw Aunt Irene, Heather Scott, Gina (?) McDougall, Mrs armstand, and Mrs Charlie Robinson. Aunt Irene is getting another baby! Honestly!

Must get ready for supper

Love Sheila C


Dear Marg

Went to assembly this morning for a change. Bored silly.

I have to read a take the minutes at the Council meeting today. Marilyn’s Modeling at a fashion show.

Love Sheila


Mum came in after 4 and went into speak to Mr. Collette. Wonder what they talked about. Then she took Marsh and Wayne downtown and they had supper out. Doggone that meeting anyways!!

Talked Marsh into going to the dance at Glendale so I’ll be able to wear my new shoes.

I sent in a request on Hospital Hour for you so you’d better listen. Don’t know whether you’d like it or not. You’ll have to hear it to appreciate it.

Must get to work.

Saw Anne Monday. She might come out during the latter part of the Easter Holidays.

Thurs 12:20

Dear Marg

Boy am I ever mad!!! I was under the impression that all the biographies for the yearbook were in and even written out, now I just found out that only half of them were in and some lost them. Gad. What a mess!!

Sure have a lot of studying to do. Exams next week you know!! Where does time ever go!

Marilyn and Peggy are eating ice cream. Slurp Slurp


Dear Marg.

I have just disgraced myself. In French this afternoon I was reading a part out loud and I couldn’t say ‘monsieur’ finally I got the giggles and I couldn’t say anything. I felt like crawling through the nearest window. Another girl had to finish. The teacher just laughed and thought it was a great joke thank goodness. Still haven’t got those GD Biographies.

Must get to work


Sheila C


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