Cochrane News on a Rainy Day (FGK-36)

It seems like it’s always raining when people are writing mom, and I suppose given that most of her family ranched there would likely have been more downtime on rainy days to write letters. This letter must have been written in the spring if there are talk of crocuses. I had to do a double take at Aunt Ruth mentioning there were “only” 30 little kids to look after in Sunday School – it seems like plenty to me!!


Dear Margie:

I’m sorry I have been so long getting a letter off to you. I really don’t know where the time goes to. It’s pouring outside today, Gordie was going to pick you some crocuses but they are all under water I guess. I was sure glad to get your nice card Margie and to know you are doing so well now.

Mrs. Boothby was over the other day and told me the Sunday School was going to send your papers into you so I won’t bother anymore, not that it was any bother but there is no sense in sending two lots in to you. We have quite a time in Sunday school. I go in and help with the little ones – only about 30 of them and quite a handful but they sure are cute, some of them anyway.

We just got the scoop today so I stuck it in this letter. There doesn’t seem to be much news in Cochrane these days. The curling rink is to be torn down, in fact is torn down now and I believe they plan on building a new one on that lot next to the United Church between it and Rabiys (?).

Everyone is burning their yards now I sure like the smell of it. In the spring they had quite a fire up near your Uncle Claude’s but it will look a lot better later on I suppose.

Mrs. Curly Rowan had a fire out at their place a while back and she sure was scared. It nearly took their buildings but the wind was in the other direction and that’s all that saved it.

Well Margie, I just go now and get some supper for the hungry men.

Lots of love

Aunt Ruth


(this is a single page, looks to be part of a different letter from Aunt Ruth, it hasn’t been folded so it wasn’t mailed like the others, no idea the date)

Monday afternoon

Hello Margie

How are you today? Fine I hope. I have just finished ironing so thought I”d parcel up the Star for you. Oh oh, here’s Jordon home form school he has just got a bunch of stamps from the States so he and Ronnie are busy picking out the ones they want and are sending the rest back. Quite the business. He went to a bingo for the skating rink the other night and came home with these prizes. A feltwork set, salt and peppers, and a lazy daisy tray. Was he ever excited.

There was a dance and supper at the Nag Way on the road to Calgary and the Light Horse Association were all there. Here are a couple of pictures that were in the herald (unfortunately they weren’t with this letter but perhaps they’ll show up). It was a send off for Marion Boothby and Edith Edge. Maybe you can pick out some of the people in it!

Well Margie dear, I must go now and get some supper started so bye for now.

Love Aunt Ruth


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