The Mumps and Menus (FGK-50)

Having spent a great deal of time in hospitals while Mom and Dad were in dying (I tried to put that more eloquently, but it is what it is) I don’t think hospital food is anything like it was in the 1950s. Not that it would have come close as a substitute for Grandma’s cooking, but aside from the poison they served on Thursday for lunch, it doesn’t look that bad. Thursday’s lunch brings back childhood memories of sitting at the diner table, my piece of liver covered in at least 4 inches of ketchup, and little Melissa crying her eyes out after realizing that no amount of ketchup could hide the nasty taste of the liver. Poor mom, she really loved it and the full on rebellion she was met with meant it didn’t grace our dinner table often (but yay for me!)

Pincher Creek, Alta

Aug 9th, 1955

Dear Margaret

Well last night at this time I thought I would be with you by now. You could have knocked Janet and I over with a feather when we got your message at Macleod. I guess we looked like two stunned ducks. Oh well, we had a nice morning drive. I sure hope you are not too sick with the mumps. Anyway you should be immune after this. Neither Janet or I are afraid of being exposed to them as we have been exposed many times, so I certainly would like to spend a few days with you as soon as you feel you can stand one – let me know.

Your mother seems to be very busy this time of year but maybe I could help her some.

Have a good rest and get caught up on your radio programs. I don’t suppose you’ll feel much like reading but I am sending you a few hints in this card to help you feel amused.

I got through grade 12 all right but nothing exceptional. I haven’t made plans for fall yet, you know they turned me down when I applied to nurse so now I have decided on Pharmacy or Lab Technician. I’ve been working a Drug Store since school ended but finished last Saturday. I am going to Beauvais Lake tonight for a few days.

This is short but I hope to see you before long. Don’t give the mumps to the rest of your family.

Love Verna

I tried to zoom in on the days a bit -so it’s the same menu below

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