Cascades of Time Gardens (FGK-59)

I wasn’t familiar with the name “Cascades of Time” so I had to google it, and discovered it is the place in Banff that my parents called the Devonian Gardens.

Soooooo, one time when my cousin (who shall remain nameless, but her name starts with the same letter as mine and is 4 months older than I) and I were about 4, my parents took us to these gardens. Well, we instantly fell in love with the place and decided we wanted to live there forever and ever. So we took off and hid in some bushes figuring we’d wait until mom and dad got tired of looking for us and then we’d live our best lives in those gardens eating berries and things. We hid there, listening to mom and dad frantically screaming our names, giggling like miniature mad men, and looking around at the beautiful place we’d decided to call home, planning out how we’d live in trees and things like that. I don’t know what finally made us decide to turn ourselves in, perhaps we got hungry or had to go to the bathroom. I’m not really sure. But what I do remember is that my parents were SO MAD they swore they’d never take us there again. And they didn’t until the summer of 2014 when they took me and my kids in for a little walk around. Of course being me, as soon as we sat down on the grass I told my kids the story and looked at my parents and said “hahaha and you DID bring me back!!!” Apparently 40 years later was still too soon to be laughing about it because they did NOT find it funny at all.

How about a trip through history to a time when asbestos was something to be excited about?!

Cochrane, Alta

Aug 4.

Dear Margie

Well how are you now Margie? We have the barn almost finished. It looks pretty when it’s got red shingles and grey asbestos siding. On the top of the roof there are lightning rods. 1 on each and 1 in the middle.

In the inside of the barn there are stairs and stalls for the horses. Gee i sure wish you could be at the barn dance with the others and us. How are you? Can you walk fairly well yet?

We have two little kittens. One is grey and the other is yellow. They play in the house a lot.

Well I guess I better say good bye for now.

PS We went to Banff to see the Indians. We had dinner and went through the Cascades of Time and saw the pretty flowers. After that Dad took us up to the chair lift. Mom, Lawrence and Dave went on it. We had a happy time. In the evening we saw the Indians dance in pretty costumes and sang Indian songs.

What are you doing these days? Well goodbye. Write to me soon

With love,



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