It’s a really rough road (FGK 61)

I had to search back to see if the new shoes referenced here were my aunt’s open toed shoes she wrote about, but that letter wasn’t sent until July 4, 1953 so it must be that she had ANOTHER new pair. Shoes are important, I get it.

I wonder how rough that road must have been, From the stories I’ve heard driving out this wasn’t much of a luxury before the highway came through.

(Envelope is dated April 10, 1953)

Thurs, 9

Hi Margie

Golly, I wont’t have much news this time, but I said I’d write you.

Isn’t this weather terrible! I don’t know how I am going home this weekend. We haven’t got good road like you guys have. We have 5 miles of really tough road, and I really mean tough. Guess I’d better phone home tonight.

We were told today that we were getting tests tomorrow and all next week. I think Sheila starts next Wed. So I guess I had better buckle down but good.

I’m going down to see Mrs. Stevie tonight to ask her if I can live out of the college for the next week – the horse show. I have a note from Mom, but maybe it won’t work. I’m going to ask for a late study too. If you hear a big explosion tonight, you’ll know what happened!

Sheila probably told you about her new shoes. Golly they sure are nice and look very nice on her feet.

Well I must go for now




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