A History in Photos 19 (FGK 176)

The next couple of days are all about Grandma ❤️

Edna Copithorne
Lake Louise 1974. Edna Copithorne
Edna Copithorne
Edna Copithorne in Florida with Margie
Edna Copithorne in front of our dear friends’ home – the Adam’s home in Daytona Beach Florida, USA
Edna off to Florida (this is not how I looked when we used to fly regularly – she really knew how to be stylish!)
Edna Copithorne

2 thoughts on “A History in Photos 19 (FGK 176)

  1. Carla Moroz (nee Robinson) says:

    thank you for sharing these photos. I always loved visits with Edna. She truly was the epitome of kindness and class. Lovely memories!

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