A History in Photos 18 (FGK 175)

The feedlot at Marshall’s
More cows!
I wasn’t sure if the John Grandma referred to here is Dad. If it was and if she wrote “John ‘helping’ at branding” with the air quotes – I’d just like to say – nice shade Grandma. Perhaps they are just ink spots, it’s another John, and I don’t see my dad in this photo at all.
This photo has Dad in it. He didn’t help with this sort of thing much – between being not a rancher and having allergies to all things ranching (animals, smoke, hay..) he could only do this in small doses. Anyway….. Branding calves June/71. Bob Copithorne in foreground. John Ramsay (Glasses on) holding calf to be branded.
Ken Eklund
Lorraine and Marlene Eklund. Daughters of Ken and Delores Eklund.
Lorraine Eklund 63-64

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