A History in Photos 17 (FGK 174)

Today’s photos are kind of exciting for me because they’re of Grandma’s family (the Browns). I don’t really know much about the Brown family so I really appreciate these photos.

60th wedding anniversary. Aunt Strutt. My mother’s sister (Edna’s aunt)
Four of my cousins. Uncle William Brown’s family Cousin Gertie on the left
Martha Brown with first granddaughter Aileen (now Mrs. John Copithorne) and daughter Edna- Aileen’s aunt – Mrs Percy Copithorne.
Mrs . Frank Brown (Martha) holding first grandchild Aileen Davies
Left to right: Martha Brown and friend 1928
Frank Brown, Cochrane (I’m not sure how old this photos is, but it’s barely holding together – either a well loved photo or a very very old one)
Martha Moore Thompson of Pembroke Ontario. My mother (Edna’s) Martha Brown
As far as we can figure (with some good detective work by my cousin Jen) this is Martha Brown’ mother. So my generation’s great-great grandmother. I had already shared this photo – but now we know (I think) who she is.

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