A History in Photos 16 (FGK 173)

The last day of Auntie Sheila’s family.

Sheila Copithorne
Sheila Copithorne
Betty and Dixie
1967 Betty (5) and Lynn (1 1/2 years)
Betty, Lynn, and Dixie
We weren’t totally sure- but based on the photo below we guessed Uncle Ted and Dixie? Also – anyone know where this photo was taken? We have the same painting hanging above the fireplace here (it’s a view from the yard here towards the mountains, but the mountains are painted wrong – they’re the ones you’d see closer to Bragg Creek I believe).
Sheila and (maybe) Dixie
Sheila Copithorne
Great Grandma Edna Copithorne. Sept 21 1980. Betty Burger and son James

One thought on “A History in Photos 16 (FGK 173)

  1. Sheila Burger says:

    Hi Melissa. The pictures you posted on Jan. 22 didn’t come through right away for some reason but I have them now. I am pretty sure the picture on the wall you were wondering about is either an original or a copy of a Roland Gissing painting.. I don’t know what happened to it unless it is the one you mentioned over your fireplace.. It would have been hanging on the wall in my Dad’s house at his farm.. We lived there until 1961 when we renovated the old house on our farm S.W. of Arrowwood and moved there. That was Dixie and I in that picture because Betty wasn’t born until 1961. That would have been Auntie Sheila and Dixie in my Dad’s place..Wasn’t Auntie Sheila pretty. She was beautiful in every way right up to the very end. By the way, Gissing was quite a famous painter, friend of your Grandma and Grandpa Copithorne, Perhaps an encourager for Grandma C to paint too. Perhaps Uncle Marshall would have more information on the picture. Thank you Melissa for doing this. We don’t want to lose this history and my generation are going fast. God bless Uncle Ted Sent from my iPad


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