A History in Photos 18 (FGK 175)

The feedlot at Marshall’s
More cows!
I wasn’t sure if the John Grandma referred to here is Dad. If it was and if she wrote “John ‘helping’ at branding” with the air quotes – I’d just like to say – nice shade Grandma. Perhaps they are just ink spots, it’s another John, and I don’t see my dad in this photo at all.
This photo has Dad in it. He didn’t help with this sort of thing much – between being not a rancher and having allergies to all things ranching (animals, smoke, hay..) he could only do this in small doses. Anyway….. Branding calves June/71. Bob Copithorne in foreground. John Ramsay (Glasses on) holding calf to be branded.
Ken Eklund
Lorraine and Marlene Eklund. Daughters of Ken and Delores Eklund.
Lorraine Eklund 63-64

A History in Photos 17 (FGK 174)

Today’s photos are kind of exciting for me because they’re of Grandma’s family (the Browns). I don’t really know much about the Brown family so I really appreciate these photos.

60th wedding anniversary. Aunt Strutt. My mother’s sister (Edna’s aunt)
Four of my cousins. Uncle William Brown’s family Cousin Gertie on the left
Martha Brown with first granddaughter Aileen (now Mrs. John Copithorne) and daughter Edna- Aileen’s aunt – Mrs Percy Copithorne.
Mrs . Frank Brown (Martha) holding first grandchild Aileen Davies
Left to right: Martha Brown and friend 1928
Frank Brown, Cochrane (I’m not sure how old this photos is, but it’s barely holding together – either a well loved photo or a very very old one)
Martha Moore Thompson of Pembroke Ontario. My mother (Edna’s) Martha Brown
As far as we can figure (with some good detective work by my cousin Jen) this is Martha Brown’ mother. So my generation’s great-great grandmother. I had already shared this photo – but now we know (I think) who she is.

A History In Photos 1 (FGK 158)

I am starting a series called “A History in Photos”. I found this box of old photos of Grandma’s in my closet a couple of years ago. Some of them are labeled and some are not, so some days we will get to play “who are these people?” And hopefully y’all can help me out. I will experiment with some better lighting- the photos are in better shape than the scanning shows. Anyway, here we go!!

Edited to add: it seems taking a photo works better than scanning the photos so I’ve included those. And I’ve had some help from a cousin deciphering grandma’s handwriting which is greatly appreciated!!

CPR Station about 1913. Left to right: Mr Alex McEwen, other man is Charlie McGill (I think). Written on the side: you are welcome to use this picture if you wish.
Ladies Group 1909-10. Left to right Front row: Mrs Alec(?) Mortimer, Mrs McBain, Mrs Peyto, Mrs M McNamee Back row: Mrs McEwen, Mrs Grummit(?), Mrs Foster, Mrs Christanson, unknown, Mrs White (later became Mrs Chas Grayson) Mrs Campbell. Front row: baby Earl Mortimer, girl is Cathie McNamee, boy is Kenneth Campbell
I can’t make this out well enough – if anyone else can I appreciate that!! *Edit: Reme and Mrs Claston, Ruth Claston, Mrs Marion McEwen-Barkley, Marg (Mary?) McBain, Mr Laird (teachers)
Harvest Festival, St. Andrews Presbyterian church Cochrane 1911
Sorry uncle Gord
Louise Copithorne (Mrs Chas Copithorne) I didn’t know her but I think she’s absolutely stunning. I found her grave online: Louise Caroling TempanyCopithorne
1979 (aged 69–70)
Sorry again uncle Gord