A History in Photos 43 (FGK 200)

Today marks the 200th instalment of From Grandma’s Kitchen. I had no idea last year that this would become what it has – I have loved exploring the history of our family and the area. I figured what better way to celebrate 200 posts than to look at old wedding photos! Young couples so full of love and hope for the future ❤️

Grandma and Grandpa (Edna and Percy Copithorne)
Harvey and Margaret Buckley’s wedding. Left to right: ?, Sheila Burger, Clarence Buckley, Harvey Buckley, Margaret Buckley, Lawrence Copithorne, Ruth Patterson, Brian Lepard, ?
Jim and Margaret Syme. Circle S Ranch. Dog Creek BC
Marvin and Pat Bedry June 1972
Jean and George McKenzie-Grieves married. Percy and Edna at dance? With Miriam Allan.
When I get some new pictures of the cart? Cake? I will send you one. Jean and Geo McKenzie-Grieves wedding. Percy and Edna and Miriam Allan
Mmmm cake
Now Mrs Bud Williams and am proud of it too (I love this)
Ken and Freida Copithorne
Bob and Marjorie Richmond’s wedding
Dave and Wendy Hawes wedding
I think this is Jean and George McKenzie-Grieves

Wedding at the farm

We went to the wedding of my cousin’s son today. They had intended on having the wedding outside at their farm, but since we have had nothing but rain for the past few days they had to move it inside. They did a pretty amazing job of moving a huge production into the local community hall. 

What impressed me about this couple was how easy to tell how much they love each other. I could see it in the way they looked at each other and in the way they spoke of each other. The extension of their love flowed to her child and to their extended families. It was so heart warming to see two families so genuinely embrace a union of their loved ones. 

I got to see some cousins I rarely see, sat for supper with my aunt, uncle, which was really enjoyable – and we watched as these two families celebrated together. It was a real honour to be included in an event that was so filled with love. A blessed happiness moment. 


Wedding at the ranch 

This year has been one of new beginnings and embracing adventure. 
We spent the day at a family wedding. I love reasons for the clan to get together, but it’s especially lovely to have such a joyous occasion to share the day with. 
It was a beautiful wedding outside at their ranch. We visited with family, snuck to the creek for a bit, and enjoyed watching the happy couple. 
I love love and it makes me so happy to see a couple starting off a life together. A great happiness moment.


The community hall 

One of the most difficult things about leaving home 10 years ago was the loss of our community. We moved to three very different places with three very different cultures (Quebec, New England, and Southern Virginia). We learned a lot, made some friends and did our best to settle in, but nowhere was home like it is here. 

My family is lucky enough to be a part of a very special community. Being from an old ranching family, most of the people in our area are either related or have been neighbors for 150 years. This makes for some strong bonds, some strife, and some fun parties. 

We have an old community hall which is not far from my house. My grandparents generation built the hall and brought the community together there. Actually, I learned today that the same people who put the wood on the old house I’m living in did the inside of the hall. 

There are old pictures of parties at the hall. My grandpa playing the fiddle, and various other relatives playing instruments while people danced. As a kid, I remember going to dances there. Well, to be clear us kids got to go to the pre dance dance because later on it got a little wild (as an adult later on I went to these dances and I agree with that assessment).   We would dance around, do the Butterfly, giggle with friends and cousins, and sit on the phone two seater outhouse and talk about how cool it was (they have indoor plumbing now thank goodness). 

At Christmas time, families would gather there for the annual Christmas concert. We would preform whatever talents we had, and at the end of the evening Santa would arrive and give us all presents. We used to call Santa on one of those old fashioned phones attached to a wall to see how much longer he was going to be. Some of my favorite Christmas memories are of those parties. 

Every year there’s a Stampede breakfast and the community comes together to visit and eat. It’s a great way to catch up on what everyone’s up to and it’s one of those events that you know all the old aunts and uncles are going to be at. 

It is a true community and I appreciate it now even more than I did before we left. Being a part of this tribe has always grounded me and made me feel at home and safe

My happiness moment today was going to a bridal shower at the hall. The bride has also been gone from the community for quite a few years. Yet everyone showed up to support her and celebrate with her. We sat around and looked at presents, visited, drank tea, and ate all those yummy treats that only show up at hall parties. This happiness moment made me shine from the inside out. I am so blessed to be part of this community, and I now to get to bring the kids up here in this safety net of love.