A History in Photos 29 (FGK 186)

Today we’ve got our neighbours down the hill (and extended family members – they’re John Copithorne and we are Richard), and our neighbours further west in Morley.

Winnie Copithorne now Kumlin
Lorraine Kumlin 1949
Winnie, Alvin, Len, and Lorraine Kumlin (apparently there is more than one cloning factory here – Percy/Marshall/Ryan – but also Alvin/Matt)
At Morley
This is at the Morley Stampede. 1939 Chev car. No idea who is on or in the car. If you zoom into the girl inside the car it looks kind of like some 1980s horror movie face. Must have just been the moment haha. Whomever is sitting on the car has some pretty impressive curls!

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