Purple People Eater (FGK 237)

Monday night

July 21, 1958

Dear Margaret

How are you? How is work? What is new up your way? Everything is just about the same down here. I am still working one to ten. I thought I would write you once more and mail it before the mail goes up. The weather has been very hot down here.

“No Time for Sgt” is very good. It was funny.

Margaret, I went downtown last week and went into the dress shop. I now have two new dresses. One is a dark print, it is thin and will be nice when it gets cooler. The other is a party dress. It is navy blue and white stripped. It is sleeveless and goes up fairly high in the front an down low in the back. It has a full skirt. Around the bottom is about 6 inches of white organdy (I had to google this: a fine translucent cotton or silk fabric that is usually stiffened and used for women’s clothing” with lace. I just couldn’t help it. Mom also made me a very pretty pink dress with sort of full sleeves. I am just a hopeless case. Mom says I shouldn’t buy any more summer clothes, but with fall coming I can a start all over again. I only wish you were down here to go shopping with. I used to have so much fun when we would go on our sprees every Saturday.

We haven’t heard from Larry lately. I guess he will be pretty busy now. Boots is in the hospital over in Orlando now. She is in some pain after her operation. If you’d ant to write here write to:

Marion Hilton

Orange Memorial Hospital

Orlando, Florida

I am going downtown tomorrow and buy Elvis’ album from the picture. Have you seen it yet?

Wanda and I went shopping the other day, for a while, she likes her school work very much. She is learning about the hair styling end of her work. She has to go to school for nine months. Roy was home a couple of weeks ago. He was looking just the same as usual. He asked how you were. I guess he is in California now from what Wanda says.

When I tell you this you will die. At work the other day I was sitting next to this girl who was placing a collect call to some girl and guess who the cal was from? Freddy Peacock, our old friend. The girl accepted the charges. He must really get around these days huh?

Lila’s (however you spell) cousin works in Furchott’s. I was there the other day. She said to say hello to you.

I haven’t been to the beach or swimming in ages. I am so pale!

I painted my finger nails a really weird shade the other day. I put two coats of gold over two coats of apricot ice. It looked just like a new shade out now called “orange gold”.

The top song around here is still “Purple People Eater” I am getting so tired of that song.

Have you heard Ricky Nelson’s new record of “Poor Little Fools?”

I left my pen with the green ink at work today, I sure hope it will be there tomorrow.

Well Margaret, write me soon and tell me all the news.

Love Barbara

PS did I tell you Merle and Marty got married last month. Big deal!


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