I am doing just fine so you can relax (FGK 242)

I can say that 60+ years later many Americans still have some weird ideas about Canada. Sooooo many people used to call it Canadia – I could understand a couple people doing it for a joke, but in Roanoke it seemed that the general public thought that was the name. They’d also sell hats with the Pom Pom of a certain style and call them toboggans. When I tried to explain the different between a toboggan and a toque I was laughed at like I was making it up. And I also was asked in a taxi on my way to the airport if I spoke the language up there in Canada. I responded by saying yes, and in fact I’m speaking it right now!!! On the other hand it was pretty humbling to see how much about the States I didn’t know or had misunderstood.

618 N. Halifax Ave

Daytona Beach

November 7, 1956


Sorry I didn’t get enough time to write you yesterday. With the elections and all it was quite a day! I’m telling you I’ve never been as utterly sick of anything as that darn election for a month or more now that’s all anybody I’ve met has talked about.

i went and saw Mrs. Franks yesterday and she thought I was doing just fine so you can relax.

I’m having an awful time trying to decide what collage to go to. Everyone says I should go to Rollins college in Winter Park, the university of Miami has sent me a lot of literature about the University and it looks very good. Ug Florida (?) thinks it is suitable and wants me to go and see them and Queens has sent me catalogues and even the application papers – nothing like rushing things.

Honestly, Jetty and I are just starved. It’s a long time between 12:30 and 6:00 when all you have at noon is soup and I haven’t enough money to go down Seabreeze and buy something to eat. Times are tough.

I haven’t had my nose off the grindstone since Monday long enough to do anything exciting. Monday morning Jetty and I slept in an hour. I broke all speed records getting ready to go to school luckily just as I came out the gate one of the boys from school was passing in his car so I got a ride and wasn’t late. The Colonel kicks us out for the rest of the day if we’re late. Last nite I could have gone to a views (?) but decided at the last minute not to. From what I hear I didn’t miss much anyway.

Nancy hasn’t been around hardly at all lately. I guess the novelty is beginning to wear off. I must go over and see them one of these days.

I’m starting to educate some of these Americans about Canada. I get quite a ribbing from some of the kids in class ‘cause some of them have the oddest ideas about Canada I’ve ever heard. Some just won’t be convinced that I’m not British because I’m from Canada!!! also I happened to say I hoped they’d knock Narrou’s (????) head (block) off. Somebody should have done that long ago. American’s just don’t see it that way and Im not saying they’re not right, but I do despise the man so.

Are you still having snow and cold weather? I sure hope it soon gets better. Jetty just got drove out into some shade on the verandah to get away from the heat! How does that make you feel?

Say “hello” to everyone around there and don’t forget to tell me “what’s up”. You all should feel honoured you’re pretty well the only ones who get letters from me! Be good and don’t work too hard!

Love Margie xx

Jetty sends regards.


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