It wasn’t his birthday or Christmas (FGK 258)

A lovely letter to Grandma from Aunt Annie. Dishes are still left/misplaced at the Hall – although we’ve moved to disposable dishes for most things. While there’s nothing quite like having a cup of tea from real china, as a board member I am grateful we don’t have to spend hours washing dishes. It’s kind of fun to see how often the Hall is mentioned in these letters – it really was the hub of the community back in the day. Santa is coming back to visit us there next weekend and I’m really happy to see that we are able to gather together again.

RR no 1, DeWinton

21st Nov, 1956

Dear Edna:

You made one little boy so happy today that I just had to sit down and tell you about it. He came home joyfully with his parcel. It wasn’t his birthday or Christmas so he thought he was real lucky. He liked his tie very much and so do I. They are the smartest things they have thought of for little boys in a long, long time. Of course, it goes without saying he enjoyed the candy and chicklets. He had a wonderful time investigating your lovely Pearce. Thanks a million for the lovely earrings. I am going to enjoy wearing them with my black dress. I don’t know how you remember us when in Florida. You must of had so much on your mind. We do appreciate it very much Edna and thanks again for your lovely gifts.

I have been going to answer the nice letter you wrote after your anniversary but just hadn’t got around to it. In fact I have been laid up with a bad back. Just old age I guess. However, it has slowed me up considerably and all I can do is get the meals and sweep the floors. I hope it will leave me soon as there is so much waiting to be done.

If you find that you can make use of those drapes to your satisfaction you are welcome to keep them. Don’t worry about sending them back. They have been in the dewar down here for 9 1/2 years now. I have these windows in place of two now they only use I could make of them would be to make pillows etc out of them. So you just use them if they are what you want. However, if you think you would like something else you just get what you would like. It’s always fun to dress up windows. If you use these drapes there is one thing you’ll have to do and that is either have them cleaned or wasn’t hem. I was really ashamed to send them to you so dirty but I wasn’t sure whether they would stand a washing or not.

I left my cake plate at the hall the night of your party – isn’t just like me to march home without it. If anybody remembers about a strange plate being there you’ll be able to identify it as mine.

Well, I guess I had better close for now as it’s just about time to get supper for my little family.

Thanks again for everything

Love, Annie


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