Do you know what silver fish are?(FGK 265)

This girl’s dream reminds me of a really funny/weird encounter I had while grocery shopping at Kroger while we were living in Roanoke. This older woman – I had never seen her before and never saw here again- walked up to me and said: “let me tell you about a dream I had last night. I was standing inside a weird building and I was getting so hot. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing until suddenly I realized that I was watching my own cremation. I didn’t know what to think of that.” I also didn’t know what to think of that. I can’t remember what I said in response – but it certainly was one of the oddest grocery store conversations I’ve ever had.

I am fortunate never to have had to deal with silver fish, but we did have stink bugs all over the place when we lived in Roanoke. They used to drive me nuts, but interestingly enough I got used to them and didn’t pay them much mind after a while.

I assume that Walden is Thoreau’s Walden. I was about 18 the first time I was introduced to that book. I fell madly in love with it – it was assigned reading for an English class I took at MRC (now MRU) and I became obsessed with living in the woods for a year to understand myself better. I was so thrilled when – decades later – I lived within driving distance of Walden Pond and we were able to drive up and spend the day there. It’s funny what life brings you.

April 15, 1958

Dear Margaret

Hi! How’s life? How is vacation? Bet you’re having fun you lucky thing.

Have you seen Mr. B recently? The night I came back, I dreamed he was dead, it was perfectly awful.

Do you know what silver fish are? We have tons of them in our room. It’s perfectly dreadful. I hate them.

A brown and white, sliver fish found on the wall. Squashed with a “suitable container”. They are all over our room in all different sizes. Ranging from ___ to ___ (see the photos I included). I just HATE them. They come in different colours. White, brown, and two tone (white and brown stripes).

Above and below you can see her drawings of the dreadful silver fish.

Walden (the book I was reading) is due Monday and I have read fifty pages (there are over 200). I don’t even understand what I”m supposed to write about him let alone how to do it. I”m just plain stupid, I guess.

I left my lovely Latin letter in my pocket åbook with a check for $41 on the bus to school. I only just got it back. Bright girl.

I have to read Walden now.

Write soon

Love Joanie


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