Who is the one (FGK 267)

I love this letter – such a typical teenage letter. I like Janet. And although we don’t get to hear about who “the one” was at that moment for 16 year old mom – I’m glad she had a great social life, and even gladder that she waited and found “the actual one” later on in life.

1230 5th Ave South

Lethbridge, Alta

March 23/57

Dear Margie:

At last you’re hearing from that long lost pal of yours way up in the North – that foreign land of Canada!

Gee, it’s so long since “I’ve writ” that I don’t know what to say! I’ve really been living a very dull life of late- nothing but study and more study! This weekend I’m staying at Lana Culhan’s, a girlfriend’s here in Lethbridge. Mom has gone to Vancouver at last (with Grandpa Bishop) and Auntie Flo is staying at home with them, so Marge went home this weekend and I stayed ‘cause both of us would be wasting our time. OH dear, dinner’s ready and you know my weakness where food is concerned.

Well, Monday is almost over thank heaven! We had a simply ghastly French exam – would turn a horse’s stomach!

How are your folks Marg? I do wish I could see them – and you again but not at present I guess.

Am glad to hear you are having a wonderful tho’ busy time this year. Isn’t it odd though? It seems that the harder you work and the busier you are, the more fun you have.

I have recently had to settle down and work this year but I haven’t found it too much of a grind really. Although it’s practically unheard of, I actually find the work interesting! Of course, I get really down and out at themes but I suppose that’s natural too eh?

Who is “the one” or is he at all anymore? Tell me his age, height, looks, and everything!!! You’re sure getting non-committal in your old age! I’ve been curious to find out whether you go steady or just go out ‘steadily’ with half a dozen different ones! Gee, I envy you with such a choice. PIncher and all small towns are absolutely destitute for more of the male species. Lethbridge, though somewhat of an improvement is still a far cry from being plentiful as far as boys are concerned. Now with MEN – well that’s an entirely different story.

The weather has been so beautiful lately! I changed to my summer coat and immediately we have a little rain, then a violent hailstorm and finally enough snow to cover the ground- all in the course of about an hour! Oh, for that Florida sunshine! It’s cleared up again now and is as nice as the middle of summer – if it only lasts! I despise overshoes!

Did I tell you Charlotte was married? I guess that’s another reason I haven’t written, we’ve been so busy!

Last July she produced an engagement ring to everyone’s shock and amazement! She’s only 3 mo older than I am you know (17). Well she took grade 12 until aboutFebruary when she decided she wanted to quit school and get married. Of course Char has never had a great deal of ambition to do anything else so for her I can finally see the point. I’ll send you the clipping from the Herald – and you can read about the wedding. It was really very lovely. I’ll try to get a picture of myself in the dress I wore as a bridesmaid and send it to you. The other bridesmaid was dressed the same, only in pink.

Well, I could ramble on for ages and still not say much, so I’ll get down to the everlasting homework!!! Will try to write a little sooner next time.

Send me a picture of yourself- and your roommate too if you can. I’d love to have one as I only have those Glastonbury ones Hamers took – remember?

Don’t work (or play) too hard eh?

All my love


Janet enclosed a clipping of the newspaper article written about the wedding. I love how small towns used to describe social events.

<handwriting at top> You should have seen the “loot” they got in presents. It’s unbelievable really, but they need every bit of it. Am going home to their wedding dance this fri – Mar 29

Dwyer-Hammond Rites Performed in United Church

PINCHER CREEK – A wedding of wide interest was solemnized on March 9 when Miss Charlotte Edna Hammond, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Henry Hammond, became the bride of Ian Larry Dwyer, son of Mr. And Mrs. Thomas Dwyer, all of Pincher Creek, at an afternoon ceremony held in the United Church with Rev. RM Moriatey officiating. For the occasion the church was decorated with ferns, baskets of pink and white tulips, and daffodils.

Wears White Gown

Given in marriage by her father, the bride wore a floor length white gown featuring a strapless lace top with rhinestone trim and full net skirt worn with matching jacket. Her lace and net veil was caught to a rhinestone studded tiara. She carried a bouquet of red roses, white carnations, and stephanotis.

Miss Janet Hammond as maid of honour and Miss Patsy Dwyer as bridesmaid wore identical long gowns of brocade net in blue and pink. The Junior bridesmaid, Miss Rosemary Hammond chose a ballerina nylon sheer of powder blue. Each carried colonial bouquets of pink and white carnations.

The groom’s attendants were Bruce Hammond and Thomas Ferguson. During the ceremony, Donald Lancaster sang The Lord’s Prayer and O Perfect Love, accompanied on the organ by Mrs. AL Freebairn. Ushering the many guests were Garth Upton and Murray Hammond.

Following the ceremony, the recreation hall, prettily decorated with bouquets of spring flowers, was the setting for a reception attended by 140 guests. The toast to the bride was given by Rev. RM Moriatey. Assisting at the receptions were members of the WA.

For her daughter’s marriage, the bride’s mother chose an afternoon gown in toast shade, flecked with sliver and matching accessories, with corsage of pink carnations. The groom’s mother wore a black and white wool dress with white accessories and corsage of red roses and white carnations. For trailing to points in the States and at Pacific Coast the bride donned a flecked brown wool suit with red accessories, complemented with a corsage of red roses. On their return the young couple will live in Pincher Creek.

Out of town guests included Mr and Mrs W Cleland of Taber, Mr Donald Jensen, Edmonton, Mr and Mrs Orrin Dwyer, Mr and Mrs Willard Dwyer, and Mary and Charles Dwyer all of Lundbreck. Mr and Mrs Emery Groningen of Cardston, Mr Gordon Chrighton, Camrose, Mr. And Mrs R Mensaghi and Mr and Mrs FW Butcher and Cheryl of Fort Macleod. Mr Jack Sandeman, Crowley, Mr LE Diamond, Calgary, Mr and Mrs Jack Langton of Cranbrook, and Mr Robert Hedderick and Miss Helen Coleman of Red Deer.


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