Garden time 

We got our vegetable garden planted today at long last.  This garden brings a lot of joy for the whole family as we enjoy the benefits of it all summer long. Aside from the food that tastes like food, I find a lot of heart healing goodness in caring for the garden. 

I remember how my grandparents and parents taught me to care for the garden, and enjoy the quietness and soul renewal that comes from weeding and caring for it. Until I totally lose control of the weeds which happens at least once a summer. But that’s part of it too, it’s always salvageable and I can always being it back to its glory. 

I am so grateful we have this garden. It is happiness. 


What happiness tastes like 

We had a slow Saturday at our house which was so badly needed after a long and stressful week. It was farmer’s market day which is always a treat. We loaded up on cherries, peaches, apricots, nectarines, blackberries, and strawberries. It’s summer heaven at our place right now. 

We had other plans but ended up going home and all having much needed naps. Thank goodness for the luxury of an afternoon nap. It made us able to reset and meet the rest of the day with more energy.

At supper time we found ourselves in Cochrane and decided to try out the new Italian restaurant called The Boot. It was divine. Jacob took a bite of his lasagne and said this is what happiness tastes like. And he was right. Food should make you not only healthy but happy too. 

Today’s happiness moment, sharing a meal with these two. They put so much light into my life. 


The heart of Calgary 

We headed down to the Stampede today despite the torrential downpour. It’s been a cold, rainy week here – kind of disappointing considering the 10 day party that should be going on. When we got to the grounds there was no line at all to get in which never happens. 

Despite the fact that it was raining so hard you could barely see, the volunteers were jumping up and down to stay warm with big smiles on their faces waving people into the gates. I was impressed by how happy they were considering the fact I knew they were soaked and cold. 

We had a once in a lifetime Stampede experience in that despite the fact that we were unable to go on any rides the entire experience cost me under 15$ for our C-Train tickets and that was it. We were gifted passes into the gate by one cousin and 50$ in Stampede Bucks by another one and that covered our costs at the grounds. Of course all we needed were mini donuts and cotton candy, but still…

It was impressive how cheerful people were at the grounds considering how not cheerful the weather was. The people at the mini donuts were singing Christmas carols, people were running through the rain laughing, a little kid was wacking a puddle with his toy sword. 

On our return home a couple approached us and gave us train tickets they’d just bought but then had decided to stay at the grounds longer, so we rode home for free. When we arrived at our stop a very kind gentleman stood in the rain and held the door for us so we could run inside ahead of him. 

These are the reasons why I love Calgary. It is a city that has huge heart. Even now when it has grown so much and there has been such a downturn in the economy  there is still so much kindness and joy in our city. It made me proud to call this place home. My happiness moment, my Calgary. 

Gotta love those donuts