Love pays it forward

knew I should have waited until the end of the day to write my happiness moment. But I was trying to be all productive when I wrote it earlier this afternoon. 

I reflected on what I wrote as I drove into town to get Jenna from school. I thought about the lessons my Dad taught me as he was dying last spring. High among them was how he managed to not complain (huge for me, I discovered during that time that I complain about everything), and walk bravely into something that was both unavoidable and that scared him deeply. His courage, his dignity, and his grace during that time of uncertainty for him was a huge life lesson to me.

I understood that these are qualities that I need to live by now. I need to be gracious and kind during a time that fills me with fear and uncertainty.

Moving ahead with that, Jenna and I went to the grocery store to get buns for “hamburger night” (she has been craving a good burger for a while now). When we walked into the store she turned to me and said it bothers me that I can’t buy you a Valentine’s present mom. Can I borrow $5 from you? I’ll pay you back with my tooth fairy money. But, I really want to get you something. You do so much for us and I love you. Remembering that the kids expressed to me that they felt badly that they had not got me a birthday gift last month (usually I just buy something that I want and put their name on it and they give it to me. I didn’t have the energy this year and I felt badly when I realized that it had upset them), I handed Jenna over $5 and sent her on her way.

But not before I pulled her in for a big hug. Her one simple act of innocent kindness changed my entire perspective on the day. It reminded me of how very important it is to show love whenever it is possible. No act is too small.

With that warm feeling in my heart I walked by a bouquet of sunflowers mixed in with the other Valentine flowers. Dad’s flowers. I bought them and we brought them home for mom. Because the best part of love is that it needs to be shared with everyone around you. I wrapped up Jenna’s  feelings of love shared with me and passed them on. That is how you do a happiness moment!!!


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