Afternoon skate 

Jenna was born trying to keep up with those around her. The moment she entered this world her eyes were wide open and she was eagerly taking in the sights around her.

Being a younger sibling, she has spent a lifetime running after the older kids.  I think she was probably born with a lot of stubbornness and sticktoitiveness, but she’s had more than her fair share of chances to enhance those traits. They’re just some of the things I really love about her. When she decides she’s going to do something nothing gets in the way of her accomplishing her goal.

I have to admit, I was kind of happy that my kids had always picked warm, indoor sports. I have friends who are hockey moms and I’m always reading updates about how they’re freezing at the rink. I have memories of my parents sitting in the freezing cold at various horse lessons and shows watching me ride. I was so happy we were doing sports like karate and swimming.

And then…a few weeks ago Jenna decided she wanted to skate. We found a beginner class and signed her up. She loves it, so I’m learning to love being a rink mom. Seeing her discover a new passion trumps even my desire to stay warm. I love that she’s discovered a new thing that she enjoys.

We went to the rink today thinking she had a class, but they are cancelled for the week. As we were walking by one of the rinks, Jenna looked in and saw a couple of her friends from school. She ran into the change room, got all ready and headed out to spend some time on the ice with her friends.

I was so glad that she has settled enough into her school that she now has this group of buddies. I love that she sees familiar faces when we are out now and that she is confident enough to go and join them in their activities. These girls were pretty confident skaters, so Jenna had to draw back on her years of running after her older brother and cousins to get the strength to head out there and keep up with them.

I was amazed at how much her skills improved even just in the space of this afternoon. I was humbled by her courage and determination as she managed to keep herself upright as she pushed herself to stay with her friends. I was thrilled that she kept on looking over at me to make sure I was watching her success. I love this kid so much, being her mother is an incredible honour and I am so thankful for her. What a great happiness moment.


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