Family day in Alberta (2016)

I love that Family Day backed onto Valentine’s Day this year. It let us focus on the huge amount of love that we share in our family and community. This is the first Family Day we have celebrated since we moved away in 2005, and the last one before that Jenna was 1 month old – therefore the first one that my kids remember.

We actually took full advantage of it and spent the day with family, doing all the important things that must be done on days like this – like playing in ice-puddles

and playing hockey on a teeny strip of ice in the field. With a golf ball as the puck. It was not for the faint of heart.

My niece and I took on the two bigger girls. We had to cheat a lot just to stay in the game. But we declared as Team Claire (we share the middle name) that we had the magical power to change the rules. The big girls were having none of that, so it ended up mostly just being a silly, laughter filled, weirdly competitive, game of strange hockey. 

It was an afternoon filled with happiness moments as we shared company with some of the people we love most in the world. What a blessing that we are all able to come together like this again and enjoy life as a family.


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