The Beatles

Because it was over 30C today we made a pit stop at DQ after school for some much needed blizzards. While we were sitting and enjoying our frozen treats, Jenna looked over at this poster and told me I should bid on it. 

I reminded her we have very little extra living space in our house – where would we put it? Then she said she didn’t really want it anyway even though she was raised on the Beatles. This confused me as I couldn’t really remember playing them for her at all. I asked her and yes, she was sure. They’d always been her favourite. 

I was pondering how that could be when  Jacob said you mean the Black Eyed Peas? And Jenna said yes, them. Whatever. Same thing. 

Ummmmm no. It’s not. 

There has been so much stress and anxiety over the last few months I love the moments when they’re just their regular selves, it makes for a grateful  happiness  moment.  I hope they’re allowed to continue to heal. It takes every ounce of energy I have some days to hold their hearts and help them through this. 


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