Movies and the mountains 

It was another rough day dealing with the cold. I thought I was getting better, but my sore throat decided to come back. Fortunately there wasn’t a lot that had to get done today and I was able to spend it quietly watching movies. All those movies that got put on the pvr over Christmas to watch during quiet times that never happened are sure appreciated now. 

The one thing I did this morning was drive over to my cousin’s house. It was a beautiful morning and I went slowly and really appreciated the beauty of where we live. 

I’ve realized lately that I haven’t been really successful in processing a lot of the emotions and events of the last few years. I’m learning how to do that now. What I keep coming back to is how incredibly grateful I am that God brought us back home, that we have this safe and wonderful place to be, and how happy I am to be here. 

It’s breathing life and love back into my soul, and that is happiness. 


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