Take a back road 

We had some unpleasantness to deal with this morning in the form of having to get things lined up to take to my lawyer because Mr. X is refusing to cooperate once again. Shocker, I know. 

The decision was made to counter that yuck with some happiness. So we took a back road and enjoyed the beauty of where we live. 

We headed to Nanton and then did a beautiful scenic drive around the area. I mean seriously, paradise. 

And I think we found a house that is older than ours….

It calmed all of our souls. The kids make fun of me because I’m always going on about the mountains, but I heard them gasp more than once – and I was told to pull over so they could take in the scenery a few times. I love that they have such a deep appreciation for the beauty of where we live. This is what make my spirit happy. 

Happiness may not mean that things are perfect all the time. But we can choose to keep looking for the happy moments. There are always some to be found. 

I love this little family, I love my extended tribe, and I love where we live. There is a lot of peace and gratitude in all of that. 


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