Old time memories

I went into the Home Hardware in town today to get burlap sacks that could be used in a sack race to be held during a party we are holding at the Hall this weekend. Thank goodness for Home Hardware – the store that holds everything – because those sacks are harder to find than one might think.

I was explaining to the store clerk that I needed them for a sack race and she said I haven’t done one of those races since we used to go to the horse show at Beaupre years ago. I said I used to go to those shows too! And then we were standing in the aisle for a good half hour sharing old time memories.

I’ve done a lot of showing over the years – including some A circuit shows and had a few turns at Spruce Meadows (in their smaller rings) – but to this day my favourite memories are of going to shows like the one they used to hold at Beaupre. There were “real” events like flat classes and some over fences stuff, but the best ones were the “fun” events like pole bending, musical tires (how we didn’t all die during that one I”ll never understand), and potato sack races. SO MUCH FUN

And so easy and simple. Just a bunch of crazy kids and our horses – and equally crazy parents who got up super early and got us to the show. Good times. Happiness.



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