Stand your ground

The boy and I had a really weird encounter downtown today. I’m not sure if downtown is always so colorful, but it made me glad I live in the country.

This man in his late 20s and seemingly high on something came up to my boy while we were walking and started trying to intimidate him and was trying to egg him into a fight. He got right up in his face and was yelling and pointing and swearing and threatening.

I was quietly crapping my pants, but my boy – bless him- didn’t flinch or give any acknowledgement of this man at all. Eventually he gave up and walked away.

After he left, my boy turned to me and said – he was trying to prove he was alpha male. But I stood tall and showed no fear. It made him realize I was being alpha and I did it all without any violence. I just stayed calm and held my ground. And it helps I have years of experience of a scary older man yelling at me.

I’m not happy this happened, but I was so proud of how my kid handled a scary situation. He’s got some good life skills that one.


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