Let’s put up a tent

The girl has wanted to glamp with a friend in the yard. I decided I’d be nice and go outside and put up the tent. After about 20 minutes of struggling with the tent that is super easy to put up, I had to go get the girl. An hour later we were still out there swearing at the poles, the wind, and ourselves. Then the boy and 3 friends showed up and we spent another hour pretending we were engineers and attempting every way imaginable to make that tent look right. We laughed so hard as the tent would blow, sides would crash, people would fall into the sides.

We weren’t working smart, I’m not sure we were even working hard, but we were working funny and that made it all worth it.

The tent currently lies in a heap in the sun porch. I will be watching YouTube and figuring this out once and for all

But it was cool to enjoy some time with those kids. My monsters are choosing some good people to be in their lives.


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