Driver’s License, Concussions, and Fire (FGK-22)

I’ve always loved hearing my uncle tell stories – he has a way of telling them that makes me picture the events in my head quite clearly like I was a fly on the wall.

A couple of weeks ago we had a fire just west of us, and the ranch brought out their fire brigade to help bring the flames back under control. The ability of the people who live out here to fight fires has always impressed and humbled me. I remember Grandma telling of the time when a huge fire came from Jumping Pound Mountain area (is this right?) and was headed their way. She was pregnant with my uncle and my aunt would have been a toddler. She escaped with the car while others stayed behind to fight the fire. I think that one did end up going all the way to Bowness.

There are only a couple of letters that were written on a typewriter, and this is one of them. Given my dependence on autocorrect, I was quite impressed by how few words got scratched out. (Seriously, I just retyped that sentence three times – if I was on a typewriter there’d be no paper left)

Mount Royal College

Calgary, Alberta

April 9, 1953

Dear Margie:

Well I guess that it is about time I wrote you a letter isn’t it? I had one all wrote out last week but I forgot to post it. What do you think of my typing? I am bringing this letter up with THUNDERHEAD and GREEN GRASS OF WYOMING. I am sorry that I did not get them up to you last week.

I am sure scared about the Easter exams coming up next week. My math is something terrific. Sure has been bad weather lately hasn’t it? This will be bad for the little calves that come at night won’t it? I sure miss being out there every night to ride through the cows and claves.

What did the Easter Bunny bring you? I didn’t get a dog goned thing. I guess I must be on the outs with him.

Reese and Betty have quit and George and Mary are going over there in their place.

We have a better chance of getting a ball team this year because Ken and I have been lining out some players that we think would play. There still isn’t much chance of getting a team up though. I think they are going to play inter-house baseball here this year instead of touch rugby. The other years the boys played rugby while the girls played softball but I think they are going to play baseball for boys this year. I sure hope so because baseball’s as good a game as was ever played.

Today Fred Kelly and I were fooling around in his room, I was pretending I was dead and he picked me up in the fireman’s hold and tried to pack me out o f the room when he fell over to one side knocking my head against a light switch which broke both my head and the light switch, but it was my lucky day that it hit my head because I might have gotten hurt if it hurt me any other place. Well, my head’s kind of got a sore lump on it now but I guess I’ll live.

Last Friday, while we were deworming, mom came out to the yards to tell us that there was a fire over near the tweed hayfield. We haven’t used any of the hay over there and Dad was kind of worried about the hay, so we rushed over to Brushy Ridge to find the fire. When we got there the Brushy Ridge guys had it out. The fire started behind Curly Rown’s garage and luckily there was an east wind which blew it against the road and put itself out. Just as the fire went out the wind changed to the west. Dad said that if the wind had changed when the fire was going it would have gone clear down to Bowness.

Buckles is in his glory now because I kicked him and the other colts out to 21 to finish up the sheaves left in the crop field. I guess he figures he’s out in the wilds again. He sure is going to be a big hunk of horse flesh in a few years.

I got my driver’s license yesterday with mom and when we went to go downtown she asked me if I wanted to drive but I said no because I didn’t feel like it. Ever since I was ten I have dreamed of the day when I would get a driver’s license and when I finally get it I don’t want to drive. I think that mum pretty near fell over with surprise.

Well, that’s all I have to tell you now.

Dearest Love



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