A History in Photos 23 (FGK 180)

The next couple of days are of Grandpa (Percy Copithorne). I have such great memories of Grandpa, the fact that I was only 7 when he died and I have so many (relatively speaking) memories of going on adventures with him tells me that he must have spent a lot of time with us.

I’m assuming this was when Grandma and Grandpa went to Africa
Margie Ramsay, Percy Copithorne, Maria Nicoll (I see the painting we discussed a few days ago in the background. I wonder if there are two copies or if that one somehow migrated back here? Uncle Ted mentioned it was a Roland Gissing and I remember mom saying that as well. It shows up one more time in today’s photos too)
Aileen, Sheila, Margie, and Margaret on Percy 1949
Percy Copithorne signing a guest book for a 21st birthday party at Clarence Copithorne’s
Percy Copithorne 1920. Hunting trip
Marshall Copithorne, Richard Copithorne, Frank Copithorne, Percy Copithorne, Louis Copithorne, Don McKinnon, Harry Nicoll. (Fishing party)
Margie, Edna, Percy. I’m guessing the baby is Dixie? (And the painting one more time – it seems as though it migrated around a lot. It’s in a different spot here.)
Left to Right: Bill Piper, Kenneth Ebenezer (?) Percy Copithorne, Marshall Copithorne, at breakfast April 1964. Somehow when Grandma said she’d disliked the small window on the south end of the kitchen I had thought they’d replaced it with the stained glass right away – but here it is with the old regular window in 1964. What an improvement the stained glass window makes to this room!! That bone painting above the door was done by Grandma and hung there until my sister inherited it and now it hangs in her house.


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