Hope this envelope gave you lots of reading (FGK 226)

I’m not sure who this is, but it seems to be someone who knows the family and also was dealing with polio. The return address on the envelope is from the Vancouver General Hospital

(Postmarked May 31, 1954 from Vancouver BC)


Hope this envelope gave you lots of reading. I had a lovely note from your Mother and she said you were now walking with crutches. I know what a job that is as I have started to use them also. I hope that it won’t be long till you can go home now that summer’s here.

I guess by now you have finished your school year. Did you pass.? Or did they give you only some studies?

I was very happy to hear Sheila was training to be a nurse and that she likes it.

Did your Auntie Marg tell you of her visit to the coast? It was very nice seeing them.

You must thank your mother for me. I did so enjoy the card. Say hello to all the family.

Love and best wishes

Donna R.


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