Free stamps (FGK 231)

Pincher Creek, Alberta

March 16, 1954

Dear Margie,

Well, how are the measles? Sure hope they’re better. I’m writing this to send to you from out-patients on Friday. I think Verna has one for Maryanne too. I might get generous and try to find time to write her one too. It must be pretty bad for her to be having to face another operation after all she’s gone through. I just was talking to Mrs Burns on the phone and heard all the latest RCH news.

I came home last night with Charlotte’s family. They were all down to the dentist so I came back to get ready for Friday and have a visit with the folks before I took off. I’ve worked on my studies all day. What a life!

Well, here I am trying to write in the car, and consequently, look at my writing. I was going to bring you up a parcel but I think I forgot and left it on the dining room table at home. If I don’t find it in my suitcase, I’ll mail it up promptly! Enough of this, I’m getting a headache. Miss you, hope you can decipher this scrawl

Bye for now,

All my love, Janet


I thought you might like to collect a few more stamps and this one’s not a bad offer considering it’s free. With the free stamps they’ll send you some other ones that you might want to buy. Try it anyway. My tamp collecting cousins sent away for it and seemed to think they were alright, although nothing special.

Bye for now,

Love Janet


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