The School Kids are Really Wild (FGK 260)

It’s hard for me to believe she wrote this while in class hiding it from the teacher because it’s easily some of the best handwriting I’ve come across so far. I don’t know who Ruth is or how mom knew her – there’s no last name attached to it either. Funny how our fear of our moms finding out we aren’t studying to what we think are their standards seems to be an eternal problem. I wonder how long she had to wait to get her TV. Even in the 70s (which should not be as long ago as the calendar says it is), we had a rocking 12 channels – but my childhood best friend only had 3.

701 – 21 Ave NW

Calgary, Alberta

March 28, 1956

Dear Margie

Don’t worry about yourself tracking so long to answer my letters. I do next to nothing and I still can’t find time to write.

I’m in school right now, supposedly studying Biology but I can’t concentrate on it. (Don’t ever let on to my mother).

I bet you had fun at that party for Donna, we don’t very often have parties like that but I sure wish we did cause I think you can have an awful lot of fun. You are going to get fat eating like that. Oh well it’s more fun that way isn’t it.

So you went to Banff for the carnival eh? I bet you had fun. I’ve never been but quite a few of the kids from school went and they sure had fun. I hear though that the school kids are really wild when they get up there.

I’ll let you in on a secret, I don’t follow the game of curling either. My dad is sure crazy over it. I didn’t see that show The Glass Slipper but I heard that it was quite good. I haven’t been to a theatre in ages, although the other night I went to the drive-in but it was crumbly. I went with three boys. They were really funny, they didn’t have very much money an there was only a little bit of gas left in the take so any time they could they would turnoff the ignition and let the car coast along.

This darn teacher keeps staring at me so if you find you can’t understand the letter it’s because I have to pretend I’m studying. How are you coming along with your correspondence course? What grade are you taking?

We haven’t got TV yet (darn). We still have to wait for colour and seven channels (so Dad says). I have been running down to my girlfriend’s and watching it.

At school we have been lucky, so far we haven’t had any real big tests before our holidays, just about two small period tests but they are enough.

(I’m at home now)

My Dad and I are on our way to pick up Margaret from the hospital. How did you like the surprise party for Sheila?

Margie I sure would like to see you! If it wasn’t an inconvenience you could maybe come out during the Easter holidays? If you have other plans just tell me because I wouldn’t want to impose on you and maybe you could come back here.

Say hello to the rest of your family for me.

Love, Ruth

(On the back of the envelope she wrote:






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