Tornado Scares and Tobacco Greenhouses (FGK 261)

With tornado scares and tobacco greenhouses being built we certainly know we aren’t in Alberta anymore! No wonder mom enjoyed Florida so much (not for tornadoes and tobacco -but other things), it really sounds like she was having a great time and had lots of people to hang out with and care for her. I had to include a photo of the letter – I know I talk a lot about the handwriting in some of these letters – but this one was particularly beautiful. And it was on that crinkly paper that people used to use (she says like she wasn’t alive and writing letters in the time of crinkly paper).

As I go through these letters I realize that this could be the last generation where we can find these kinds of gems – who wants to sort through the millions of spam emails I have to find anything of value? And even at that most of what I send is via text and that gets lost with time. (Although I did blog when my kids were little and that has left us with a wonderful diary of that time. I printed them off into little books for Dad years ago and now they’re mine again.) I so appreciate all of these letters. I started this journey as a way of grieving mom and trying to learn more about her – but it’s given me so, so, so much more than that. I’m really grateful for this whole process. And I should say it hasn’t always been an easy one for me. It’s brought up a lot of feelings, memories, and emotions that I’ve been working through. While it hasn’t been easy it has been so worth it. There’s plenty more to come, but I also want to thank all of you who read this and share these memories with me. It means a lot ❤️.

624 N Peninsula Drive

Daytona Beach


April 20 – 58

Dear Mrs. Copithorne

Every week I think of writing you but things get in the way.

We are having beautiful weather now -sunny and warm. Margaret and Nancy were on the beach again yesterday afternoon and they are both getting quite brown.

We had a tornado scare one day this week. The schools were let out at 1pm but the storm passed by on either side of us.

Mr Adams flew home a week ago and phoned last night that he expects to be back by Wednesday morning. Had to see about getting the tobacco greenhouse started before he came back.

Margaret says you may come to Daytona next month. If you do we would very much like for you to stay with us. We have an empty room with Bill being away to school.

If you would consider this we would enjoy having you.

We would not want you to feel tied down – but be free to come and go as you would like.

Expect this is a very busy time on the ranch. Doesn’t seem like another school year is almost over.

i was asked this afternoon to be one of the chaperones for the junior-senior prom next month. Peg is a junior this year.

Know you will enjoy seeing Margaret graduate. We will miss having her stop by when she goes away to school next year. This is all part of their growing up and being able to manage on their own.

She does this so well and so cheerfully.

Trust this finds you all well

Regards to the family

As ever,

Hazel Adams.

This handwriting is a work of art (and there’s Jessie’s butt because she insists on being part of this process).

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