The Doodads Keep Coming Apart (FGK 262)

32 Dix Ave

Ormond Beach

Oct 13, 1957

Hi y’all!

We’re spending a “quiet Sunday at home”. For some reason I didn’t want to do anything but stay at home and rest. However, as it turned out I’ve spent nearly all my time doing homework. That goes for the whole weekend.

We were supposed to have a party at Serge’s house this week but it has been cancelled because of the flu. We were also supposed to have a beach party on Friday I don’t know whether we’re going to have it or not. If we don’t I may go with Barb and some kids to a football game in Orlando.

Barbara Linkous is back from the North. It’ll be good to have one of the old gang back.

A visitor just dropped in on Webbs. As soon as she found out I go to Seabreeze Private she asked me if I knew “those “O’Bryne girls” as a matter of fact I do and really like them. I think they’re full of life and lots of fun, she thinks they’re wild, undisciplined brats. They’re full of Irish fun, laughter and goodwill but I”m afraid Mrs Webb thinks they may be too wild. – Don’t worry I’m not “wild”.

We went to see Elvis Presley’s picture Friday night. Very lovely movie.

I’m going to Mrs Franks for my exercises on Tuesday. We are going to decide whether to go every week or every month. She sent me a birthday card and wants me to go to Gordon’s for a shrimp dinner sometime.

I was down to the beach last week but didn’t see anyone I know.

The typewriter arrived in fine condition. We had a bit of trouble getting it unpacked but it’s ok now except for the “a” and “d” keys have to be ganged to kingdom come before they’ll print. It sure is cute and I really like it. Thanks so much.

Barbara is historian of the DCT now. They had an article about it in the paper today.

Nancy has been calling quite often lately, usually right at supper time. They are all fine and send their regards.

Larry is doing fine, he’s about as poor at writing home as I am.

We’re playing some tapes on the tape recorder right now. There are some old ones Larry made before he left. There’s one where he is interviewing which is quite funny.

The school car took me to school the other morning as they happened to be going by our house. Webb’s car is getting quite run down the doodads keep coming apart but we keep praying that it will stay together for a while longer.

I wore my green suit when I went out last week and all the kids really liked it. I wore my reversible shirt today.

School is doing ok – I guess.

Must go now

Love to all


ps say “hi” to Anne and everyone.


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