How to deskunk the 🐕

A few days ago I read on Keystone Equine’s Facebook page that the best way to get the skunk smell out of a dog is Vagisil. Yeah.

I tucked that information away hoping I wouldn’t need it, but sure enough last night Bear got face to side with a stinky black and white

Omg the smell. I thought I’d pass out. I used some of the pet store skunk stuff I had but it didn’t really make a difference.

One sad night for our poor dog.

Today I left my pride at the house and went to Walmart asking for the largest container of Vagisil powder they had.

I’m glad I don’t have much pride because that stuff worked miracles. I now has a fresh, non skunk smelling happy dog.

That is a happiness moment.


Father’s Day. 

I wasn’t sure how this day was going to be, it’s been about three and a half weeks since Dad died. Too soon to be ok with a day dedicated to celebrating Dads. In some ways it was harder than I expected (they sang Amazing Grace at church. That hymn always does me in). In many ways it was better than I expected. 

Most of the morning I felt like curling up in a ball and just crying. I couldn’t pinpoint my exact feeling but it was generally crappy and sad. My cousin brought us to her church and much as I didn’t want to be there (because it was interfering with my crying time)  it was a good thing to be out and around people.  They were having an end of the year celebration and it was good for me to be around people enjoying life. 

I came home and had a two hour nap, which was also good for my soul. I have been exhausted lately and that rest time helped to recharge me. Dealing with all these emotions is a very tiring process. 

The day finished  with a Father’s Day supper at my cousin’s place with her husband and kids, my mom, aunt and uncle (whom I used to call uncle dad as a child), and a family friend. The great thing about my family is they pick up and take care of each other. 

It ended up being a really enjoyable night. Which is how it should be. I figure as long as we have the ability to feel joy and happiness we should be living it. It was enjoyable even though the Dotted Dog got sprayed by a skunk (oh yeah, that happened) and when I came home I forgot I’d stuffed my phone in the back of my pants and it fell in the toilet ( I discovered just how attached to my phone I am). Thank goodness for my warrantee. 

I know today was just one of the hundreds of days left in my life that I’ll miss dad, but I really missed him today. Between Jacobs birthday and Father’s Day I’ve really felt his absence. I can still feel his love, but oh man I miss him like crazy. 

I am so thankful for all the time he spent with me, the patience he showed me, the love he shared with me,  and the lessons about how to live in this world that he taught me. Thank you, Dad, I miss you dearly and love you always. 

My happiness moment for the day was sitting at the table eating supper at my cousin’s house. Feeling the love of family around, missing dad, but happiness in remembering the kind of loving, involved dad that he was.