My hometown 

Since moving home I’ve put a lot of effort into making Cochrane our hometown. I was fortunate because by coming back home I had a ready made group of friends and of course my family – my tribe. But the kids needed to get to know the extended family and establish their own friendships. That is finally starting to happen for them. 

Jenna was invited to join VBS today and as soon as she got there was surrounded by friends and cousins. I had a nice chat with my own cousin and also one with a new friend. I could see the comfort level that Jenna has in this place be so much greater than it was last year. 

Jacob joined a group of school friends tonight for a movie. I love that he’s developing his own tribe in town that he can hang with. Even though this was a move home, a move always seems to take a year for it to shake itself out and feel like normal. 

Comfort in our hometown, that feeling of belonging and having a safe place to land. My happiness moment. 


2 thoughts on “My hometown 

  1. Let go says:

    Children only need unconditional love, a dependable parent and stability. If they have that they can weather any storm.
    I enjoy your happiness moments

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